Abigail Sanders live at Inclusive Improv : 2nd November 2010 Print

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Footage of Abigail Sanders' solo performance at Inclusive Improv (Sleepers Bar, Huddersfield) on 2nd November 2010. 
Here's the promo text from the Inclusive Improv website:

French Horn with Live Electronics

Part of a continuing mission to extend the possibilities for her instrument, Abigail Sanders will premier her Pure Data patch that allows her control over an ever growing bank of recorded french horn sounds.

Building sonorous textures through cyclic drones, Abigail uses a tactile control which allows improvisatory freedom, but will also include pre-composed pieces that include passages of improvisation.

The structure is as follows:

  1. Cyclic Drones
  2. Lemont by A Sanders
  3. Residuum III - Ghost in the Machine by Ben Gaunt

(Many thanks to Ben for writing a piece for me, tailored toward my obsession with the harmonic series)