* Original band members - original band name 'The Explanation Trap
Paolo - Bass/Vocals James - Guitar Adam - Guitar Antonio - Drums

Paolo and James Court started the band around October 2002 with Antonio, Paolo's brother on drums and the Dave Bakewell Plot's 4th member for three months, Adam Richards. At this stage it was just jamming.
Then Antonio left to concentrate on Nature's Mission, his other band. Paolo started playing keyboards to give the band a fuller sound, but the band required a bassist and drummer. Two close friends of the band, Lee and Ben joined the adventure playing the respective instruments.
So the band wrote songs...
Their first gig was played at the Ukranian club in Halifax, where the PA was very shyt.
Two weeks after the first gig, James departed the adventure. Upon this grieviance, the band scrapped their songs, leaving the lineup as it is here

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