Site Online [18/7/04]

After several attempts at producing a suitable site, The new look and finally functional site is up. There are several MP3s to download in the media section, and the forum & guestbook can be found in the network section. Hopefully you'll find it's been worth the wait.


Benbow penetrates his own sphincter (and loves it) [16/7/04]

As strange as it seems, on 14/7/04, Adam Benbow Browne reportedly probed his own rectum with a brand-new Zildjian 7A drumstick. Witnesses state that Benbow, who has a history of indecent exposure, dropped his pants after producing the drumstick, and began thrusting it rhythmically into his anal cavity.
Although the drumstick was unhurt in the incident, Benbow later complained of anal pain.

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