Non Specific Ensemble:

1234567890Lickhouse [4:40] 4.28Mb
Details: This piece was created with the 'Microhouse' or 'Clickhouse' style in mind when it
was conceived by Adam R & Knight Rider. However, it developed into a unique style
when further work was done, and Adam BB added vocals & extra parts.

1234567890Dandy [4:30] 4.12Mb
Details: Created over a series of sessions, not once with all NSE members present.
The piece was created with the 'Jazzy Drum & Bass' style as a basis, which has
then been expanded upon in directions respective of the individual member's tastes.
These influences include Wes Montgomery, Underworld and an attempt to improve on
lowest common denominator styles such as 'Braindance' (ie. Squarepusher, Aphex Twin)

1234567890Exquisite Corpses Part 1 [1:05] 1.00Mb
Details: One of a series of ongoing experiments, taking inspiration from the drawing game
'Exquisite Corpses'. The project involved the creation of two 11.5 bar sections by each
person, without listening to the other's work. These sections were then pieced together
alternately (ie. Adam BB created sections 1&3, while Knight Rider created 2&4.

1234567890Exquisite Corpses Part 2 [0.34] 541Kb
Details: As above. This time, Adam BB & Knightrider created five 1 bar sections each.

Exquisite Corpses Part 3 [1.09] 1.05Mb
Details: Adam BB & Knightrider - Three 6.75 bar sections each.



Knight Rider:

1234567890Projekat Kuttup [19:20] 17.7Mb
Details: Click here for a detailed explaination