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Loverider - Apéritif

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A quick taster of a live set by Loverider.

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The site in it's current form is due to be replaced imminently. Testing of the new bespoke site is currently underway. Shortly after the launch of the new website in early 2012, Slumberjack will also kick off with an inaugral release - details to be confirmed...


'Slumberjack'has been formed as an outlet for techno music of increasing complexity and decreasing speed - breaching typically club sounds into a concentrated medium to entice the meticulous home listeners and dancefloor aficionados alike.

Furthermore, there are a number self-assembling releases due for release via the label. These are currently being tested - and may present a new paradigm in digital music consumption. Releases are downloaded from a webpage, (almost) instantly, and subject to a set of rules which affect the final result - so each time a track is downloaded, it's different.
Technically speaking, the components/channels for each release are stored individually - and assembled algorithmically upon request.


Also due for release in late 2011/ early 2012 is a collaboration between Rodrigo Constanzo and Richard Knight, based around precisely controlled feedback devices. This is due to have distinct differences between physical and audio releases - the recordings will be available via typical digital outlets, but the physical release is to be a digital sound-generating device inspired by the recordings. Crazy. is also home to the website of Electronic Organica, the regular Manchester based experimental/improvisation event.


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Richard Knight release on Electronic Musik

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Pesticide Organica release on Electronic Musik

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Thursday, 22 July 2010 15:56