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RK of JERK - Electrical Disturbance 09-05-2010


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The JERK event scheduled for the early hours of 9th May at Nexus Night Cafe was cancelled due to an electrical fault at the venue. This is RK's summarised interpretation of what would have happened. Hazy and bass heavy, the set is fairly downtempo, but roused by off-kilter disruptions. A couple of old supplemented reggae dubs feature, which aid the lazed vibe.

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An hour's worth of mainly vocal, lucid downtempo beats. Featuring a handful of manipulated acapellas amongst decadent layering, the mix covers a few definable genres, and some more.


RK JERK - Nosol
Notorious BIG - Would You Die For Me
Micatone - Nomad
Georg Levin - Inside
Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina (Acapella)
RK JERK - Input Editor
Dani Siciliano - They Can Wait
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Wrong Way
Juergen and Loverider - Hiding drumkit
Joe Dukie and Clara Hill - Flawless
Maurizio - Untitled
Christian Falk - Make it Right
Closed Circuit - Splice of Your Pizza
J*Davey - Might as Well
Matt John - Ferro Sanol Duodenal
RK - Ripork
Arthur Russell - Make 1, 2
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Leroy
RK of JERK - Pum Pum Groove
Micatone - To the Sound
Roy Davis Jnr - About Love (Jon Marsh Mix)
Platinum Pied Pipers - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Featuring Rogier)
Juergen and Loverider - Exciting Disco Scenes (Acapella)
RK - Input Perpetuation
Tyke - One Man (Shelter Mix)
Wu-Tang Clan - Cream (Acapella)
Bargepole - 1257384439
Jay Haze - Change Something (Bucci Remix)
Dressed in Dresden - UNASKD
RK - Norman Pænut Conquest
Arthur Russell - In the Light of the Miracle
Platinum Pied Pipers - I Got You (Featuring Tiombre Lockhart)
Superstars of Rock - Strobelight Serenade (Remix)
RK - Indo


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