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RK of JERK - Live at Nexus 13-06-2010

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Live recording from RK of JERK's set at Nexus Night Cafe from the morning of Sunday 13th June. In addition to a considerably early 04:43 sunrise, the morning also featured free (exclusive - non-web available) JERK CDs and DVDs, film screening etc.


1 beat per millennium

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Electronic Organica: 24th June PDF Print E-mail

We're proud to announce that on Friday (24th June), it's Electronic Organica's 2nd anniversary gig, at Briton's Protection in Manchester city centre (M1 5LE).

For this special occasion, we welcome back Sheffield-based Hervé Perez, and introduce the celebrated Manchester band Womb.

It's £3 to get in.






Womb is an all-female Manchester based band conceived in January 2011. Womb initially formed out of a desire to get women musicians playing together and to encourage more women to start to play. In its short lifespan, Womb has become a vital musical project which has attracted a group of highly creative and talented people, some experienced musicians and some with little or no experience.

Womb are fiercely dedicated to the act of expression. Womb’s approach is experimental, often creating music using World and homemade instruments, sculptures and found objects, as well as more conventional instrumentation. Womb employs some elements of structure but is currently centered around free improvisation with passion at its core. The sound is in a state of constant flux, of construction and deconstruction, of unity and of tension. Womb do not sit comfortably in any genre but parallels have been drawn to a range of styles including; noise, punk, no-wave, psych, spacerock, free jazz and drone.



Herve Perez (aka Sndsukinspook)

Improviser, sound and visual artist, hervé performs spontaneous compositions with a laptop, using processed field recordings. his work is influenced by practices such as electro-acoustic, contemporary music, experimental electronics, free improvisation, immersive sound art and ancient techniques of sound therapy alike. for this reason, his performances are outside of time and stylistic boundaries.

his research approaches sound as vibration, the relation between sound and objects or spaces, architecture and the body.

hervé works in sound design, sound recording and editing, post-production, mastering and composition, sound art and installation as well as performance which remains his main focus

Electronic Organica Ensemble

House sound machine with give an impromptu improvised performance featuring Ian Simpson, Richard Knight, Tom Harrison and others.




JERK at NexusNightCafe: 12th June PDF Print E-mail

Jurgen Ehrmann : Richard Knight

02:00am to 06:00am on Sunday 12th June at NexusNightCafe


Moving to a bi-monthly format, the JERK duo present a four-hour DJ/computer improv set. Fusing eclectic afterhours downtempo grooves into the characteristic dubby JERK sound, RK's set will feature nods towards avant-electronica while retaining a deep house credibility.


Perfect if you're in Manchester centre after a night out and need to wind down your body, but perhaps not your mind.
Nexus Night Cafe serves food and drink from 2am-6am, although the venue has a no-alcohol policy.


Some recordings of previous JERK nights are available on the audio stream page.


JERK at NexusNightCafe: 10th April PDF Print E-mail

Jurgen Ehrmann : Richard Knight

02:00am to 06:00am on Sunday 10th April at NexusNightCafe


Juergen Ehrmann and Richard Knight will be welcoming the arrival of this Sunday morning with a hazy dub-ridden banquet of sound - featuring nods towards genres perceived as (but perhaps not) house, jazz and techno. Using computers to facilitate layered mixing and edits on the fly, the JERK duo will fuse a compound from existing tracks and their own interventions.
Some relaxed, some rousing, never too fast.

Listen to JERK mixes (including recordings of previous NexusNightCafe gigs) in the 'audio stream' section.


Visit the Resident Advisor page here.

Electronic Organica: 28th January 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Hi all,

The first Electronic Organica session of 2011 and the 9th in our series welcomes some very special guests, including an extended house ensemble.
It's this Friday, at Briton's Protection from 8.30pm and as usual it has a meagre £3 entry fee, a tariff which also includes a free CD (while stocks last)...


Electronic Organica IX

Friday 28th January 2011



Boswellia (Pascal Nichols and Greg Thomas)

Gary Fisher

Electronic Organica Ensemble
Richard Knight, Ian Simpson and Dave Birchall)

Pascal Nichols and Greg Thomas are

Gary Fisher is a Manchester based sound and visual artist who works within a continuous process of experimentation and enquiry focussed around investigatory or instinctive responses to sounds, objects, words and images. The work explores amplification of surfaces, textures and objects, combining found materials and reappropriating found objects and technologies for use as instruments or noise-makers. The process includes, sound recording, collecting, archiving, drawing, construction, photography, and text. It generates many outcomes including live performance, sound installation, CD or tape recordings, graphic scores. Sometimes the line between research and outcome is not clear and often they are the same. Objects, images, sound recordings and live performances may be seen as individual pieces in their own right as well as parts of a bigger 'work in progress' that is the process itself. ....


"Manchester's most avant garde music session" (Manchester Music – 2010).




Best wishes,



Electronic Organica - Friday 25th March PDF Print E-mail

Electronic Organica X - Friday 25th March

from 8.30pm at Briton's Protection - M1 5LE.


Disco Operating System


The Disco Operating System. A misnomer of sorts, an hilarious wordplay derived from the personal computing term "Disc Operating System"; D.O.S. Pertaining, possibly to the musical form "Disco", or possibly not. Safest bet is that the Disco Operating System is not specifically any of the above, but does involve itself with sonic structures often of a cyclical nature, more often than not created with the aid of computing devices, and on less than most occasions involving a rhythmical gesture with a nod to your local 1970's coke palace.

The Disco Operating System is helmed by Gareth Bibby, who takes great glee in creating solid chunks of electronic joy from random patterns of radiophonic detritus and partially melodic undertones.

Wolf Scarers


Wolf Scarers are Simon Prince and Keith Jafrate, both playing tenor saxophones. They've known each other for years but have never played together until, after appearing on the same bill at Huddersfield's Inclusive Improv last year, it occurred to Simon to suggest some duets. So they got together at Oldham Music Centre and disturbed the pigeons in the neighbourhood for a few Fridays, and Wolf Scarers emerged. Both Simon and Keith have played all sorts of music in the past, and you can hear this in their improvisations, that swerve from gentle meditations that almost become chamber music across to full-blown shout-ups in the true tenor tradition, via, possibly, messed-up marching band funk and deconstructed jazz strut. (No computers are harmed in the making of their music.)

Richard Knight + Noise Research


Richard Knight is a sonic/computational artist, usually performing with digital equipment and an emphasis on spectral ambiguity. Knight also utilises mixing desks as sound sources: a typically passive audio device subverted to become an expressive instrument. Output is derived from the tenuous area between feedback and feedforward – the hazy and perplexing cusp between order and chaos.

Noise Research (aka UK sound manipulatist Ian Simpson) has adopted an uncompromising approach in both playing and performance. Simpson's source material comes not from the inside of a physics lab but the natural world: birds shriek and water crashes, processed into something altogether more alien as his hands wander around a table containing what looks like the contents of the world's coolest shed (Cath Aubergine - 2010).


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